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Lasanthi is a single mom, an entrepreneur, and a self-taught designer with a  passion for creativity.  She has a real talent in play with colours and experiment using different textures and techniques of patterns.

Her ability to create intricate and amazing hand embroidery created this impressive line of handcrafted and custom-made clutch purses and other handcrafted products. 

In 2015 Lasanthi made her dream come true and started selling her creations online through social media.

Her products are also available in high-end Sri Lankan craft shops and boutiques. Lasanthi has been an exhibitor in numerous craft events, fashion shows and exhibitions.  She has won awards for her craft skills and entrepreneurial abilities. 

The next step in her dream is to enter the global market. We are proud to introduce her talents to you. Oh, and she can make customized clutches for you. Just reach out to us.

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Founder of FLY Clothing

Nishani is a stylist and a photographer. The uniqueness of FLY Clothing and their mission is inspired by Nishani`s professional expertise and her keen eye for beauty. She brings a sustainability lense to highend fashion. 

Nishani is the main desginer for FLY Clothing. FLY stands for First Love Yourself.

These are few of the reasons why Musey love FLY Clothing.

1. Her brand has a keen focus on womxn`s empowerment. She employs women - especially pregnant women and new mothers, helping them contribute to the economy and the wellbeing of their families at their own pace. What a great way to be empowered! 

2. FLY Clothing is all about equity and goodwill.  They have a special program where they employ university students. This helps the students gain employable skills and income. They also have a customization and special delivery feature (within Sri Lanka) available for anyone with accessibility needs. 

3. FLY Clothing loves sustainability. They are made from end of roll materials that are discarded from large garment factories. She chooses materials like linen, cotton and natural fibers and give them a new meaning. 

And... the unique, beautiful designs! 

We are excited to work with FLY Clothing and be a part of their journey. 

Our Partners: Our Team
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